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Dog/Puppy Vaccines...


     paw printDHLPPC 

(Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus  and Coronavirus)
Puppies should have this vaccine in 3-4 week intervals starting at 6-8 weeks ending at 14-16 weeks.  
        -At one year of age, this combination is repeated as a
                THREE year vaccine without Coronavirus.         
        *Leptospirosis  must be boostered every year.
**Unvaccinated Adult dogs should have a series of two (2) combination vaccines 2-4 weeks apart with or without Coronavirus.

paw printRabies
A single dose of the rabies vaccine is administered at 12 weeks (three months) of age.  
         -At one year of age, this vaccine is repeated.
         -The vaccine must be repeated every three years.

paw printLyme
Puppies as early as 9 weeks of age may begin the Lyme vaccination series. 
A second dose must be given in 2-4 weeks.
          -This vaccination needs to be boostered yearly. 

paw printBordetella (Kennel Cough)
Puppies/Dogs 8 weeks of age or older who will be frequently kenneled or attending a grooming facility need to have this vaccination.  
          -The vaccine can be done orally or an injectable. 
Keep in mind that the injectable vaccine will need to be boostered in 2-4 weeks while the oral does not.  
          -Bordetella must be boostered annually or more frequently as your kennel requires.