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The Kong Company features a variety of products to suit the needs of even the most destructive chewers that need stimulation and extended engagement in play. Each item comes in a range of sizes specifically designed with the size of your dog in mind.

  • The Classic Kong
    Is perfect for most adult dogs with typical chewing styles. They are made from thick, natural rubber which provides a real chewing workout.
  • The Xtreme Kong
    Is ultra-strong and exclusively formulated for the most tenacious chewers.

Goodie Ships/Balls/Bones
These durable and stuffable rubber
toys are another great product for
chewers to keep them engaged for extended play time!


Kong Kong

Kong Ball

These are solid, puncture-resistant natural rubber balls that can satisfy the most rambunctious player that also loves to chew!


Cool Kong Floating Retriever

This is a great toy for retriever traning. It can be thrown long distances in the water or on land for hours of fun!  It is made of the same durable rubber as the previous Kong toys.