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Northland Veterinary Services is proud to introduce our cuddly clinic cats!

paw prints


Sulley was brought to us as a kitten in April of 2014.  He was very sick and needed a lot of nursing.  Soon after Sulley's recovery we did get all of Sulley's litter mates at the clinic to find good homes.  But Sulley decided that He already had a new family, so He became a proud clinic cat.  Since then Sully has been greeting clients and pets alike in our waiting room.  His favorite past time is perching on unexpecting "victim" shoulders at our front desk.  Sulley is now a Pet Partners Therapy animal Team with our very own Cathy Johnson CVT and enjoys being a Therapy pet.



Juliet along with Romeo came to us late fall of 2008.  They needed a good home and still needed bottle feedings.  She usually lounges around in the waiting room.  Juliet is very particular on who gets to pet her, she has her favorites and runs from everyone else.  


paw prints